Welcome to the RainbowHazeShop Blog!

Hello lovelies and welcome to my blog!

My name is Irina. I am the owner of RainbowHazeShop on etsy! I make and sell handwoven friendship bracelets and I am hoping to slowly teach you how to do that too! I will be posting small tutorials for beginners so if you’re interested in learning I would do whatever I can to help!

I discovered the art of knotting many years ago as a teenager when bracelet patterns on the Internet weren’t popular (or at least I didn’t have a clue such sites existed). Our skills and pattern variety were limited to a few old macrame magazines, a short book with 10 basic bracelet patterns and our imagination! Then growing up and moving abroad kept my mind away from knotting for a long time until a few years ago when I randomly stumbled on a pattern on Pinterest. Of course as you can imagine I spent the next three hours browsing patterns, saving them on my computer and ordering embroidery floss on ebay. Two or three days later I had everything I needed and the madness began! I had over 200 different colours, just as many patterns and I wanted to try them all!

*insert crazy eyes*

Long story short, I am still knotting obsessively four years later and I would like to share my work and my knowledge with all of you beautiful crafty people out there!

I will start working on the first tutorial with some basics soon! In the meantime have an amazing week and shine bright!


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